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22-Nov-2017 12:55

Author and creator Anne-Marie Concepción shows how to clean up your text formatting, strip out Word styles and map them to In Design ones, place Word document elements in In Design, and fix the formatting once the text arrives.Plus, learn to repair corrupt Word files and explore alternatives to Word such as In Copy and Google Docs.Sometimes, when you update an Index Field, your Page Headers can change, or disappear; sometimes your page formatting may change.These effects can happen when you have an Index formatted with an explicit number of columns and you have different formatting of the body of the Document before and after the Index.For example, if you've written 100 words, you would input "100" into the word-count update field.If you write another 150 words for a total of 250 words, you would input "250" into the word-count update field.are the often-underappreciated placeholders that work behind the scenes in a document.They help perform the magic involved with many of the most powerful features in Word, such as mail merging, indexing, automatic generation of tables of contents, automatic figure numbering, cross-referencing, page numbering, and more.

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In this course, learn how to make these programs play nicely together and create beautifully formatted documents from existing text.

For example, when you insert a date or time and set it to be automatically updated, Word inserts a code.