Updating web page without refreshing

24-Aug-2017 14:00

So the best approach here is just to create these pages and the navigation as plain ol' semantic HTML. The navigation links to the files that contain that content, and are fully formed functional pages on their own.

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This new demo is much cleaner, up to date, and fuller featured.

If we send back valid Javascript that updates part of our web page, or calls a function that does, then we don’t have to refresh the entire page.

One advantage of this approach is that script tags can issue requests to any URL, not just the same site as the page they are on.

I’m sure anyone who’s reading this page is aware that the web is based on a request and response process that returns web pages of data.

If I click on a link my browser makes a request for the web page specified in the link, the request gets routed to the appropriate server, and the server responds with a page of HTML which my browser displays.

Similarly all a web server has to do is know how to receive a request, get the right HTML text to send back, and send it.

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