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“Your refuge worker is diligent, caring, flexible, considerate, empathetic, and discreet, and has a wonderful sense of fun.The latter, in my opinion, is not to be trivialised in an environment such as this.I admire her greatly.”“It was very good for me to receive this support. If it wasn’t for this project I would have gone back to him and I would have been killed. I want this service to continue – there are plenty of other women in my situation. She has a calming manner and there seems to be nothing she is unwilling to help with, including advocating, researching and generally being helpful in any way that she can. I can sleep calmly, knowing that when I wake I will still be alive.”“I am glad I have a youth advocate helping me through my problems.“She offers sound counsel regarding procedure and if asked a question that she is unsure of, she explains this and endeavours to secure the correct information. “If this service didn’t exist I would still be with my husband. But now I have a better future; my kids can have safe lives. I feel like I can talk to her and she will listen to me without judging me.

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Some of the women stopped hobbies that they loved because of the awful things happening to them. ” When you’re with an abusive partner, you forget who you are. The Refuge team said I had a good understanding of the different forms of abuse. It’s also given me so much self-confidence.”“When I met my ex-husband, I had my own business, my own flat, supportive friends and family. Domestic violence was not something I ever thought would happen to me. But whenever I tried to leave, he would reel me back in, telling me that he would change and that he wanted us to be a family.Now, one has taken up sewing, another is going to the gym again. They told me I was bubbly and friendly and that they thought I would be good at leading a coffee morning. I know where they’re coming from because I have been there. At first they’re fearful and sad, like I was, but then they slowly start to blossom. One day a normal conversation suddenly turned into a frenzied attack.He punched me to the ground, kicked me in the back, and then threw me across the room – all in front of our two children.Lifetime Television may be a "women's network", but it is one that shows a lot of good, informative movies on the subjects of child abuse, domestic violence, and missing children.

Please take a look at the list, then check out Lifetime's official website to see if any are on this month.

She is very interested in the social betterment of residents also, and is always finding interesting and constructive things for us to do. She helps me understand my feelings and is really helping me with all my court stuff and how it all works.

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