Taylor momsen dating marilyn manson

16-Sep-2017 01:58

” “Make Me Wanna Die” appeared on the soundtrack of the 2010 film “Kick Ass.” Guitarist/vocalist Ben Phillips is Momsen’s songwriting and romantic partner. • The Heroine Five-year-old San Antonio quintet has a blue-collar work ethic, which you might expect from a band that includes four contractors and an aircraft mechanic.Driving riffs and harmony-guitar lines give them an old-school feel.In 2000, Momsen played the role of Cindy Lou Who in Dr.

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With those bright, lively eyes, that winning smile, and that charming personality that just can’t help but warm your heart, it’s so obvious that at the tender age of 18, Taylor Momsen has the world at her feet. According to Taylor herself, it sure as hell won’t be acting. But hey, if Taylor is giving up acting to focus solely on music, then that must mean that she’ll have a lot more time and energy to dedicate to her beautiful gift of song, right? And now, finally, I would like to share with you Taylor’s latest music video.The 18-year-old The Pretty Reckless singer performed as part of Marilyn‘s set.