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What I have read about the Aries man, I am OK with that. Our fights are normally about how he doesn't seem to care enough.I'm a Scorpio woman, I'm 36 this year, and dating a 22 year old Aries for about a year and a half now. But I'm a deep person who looks into things way to much, so I doubt its any of his fault.I have one statement about our relationship-the best sex! we share a only a few of the same passions and views but were very different, we are still both very passionate and sexual people do it works out. I absolutely love him but I think I put too many demands on him. He's currently taken by a Sagittarius and I've had this weird feeling that eventually I'll get him because we know how to make each other tick. Then his girlfriend (different girl) freaked out and decided that she didn't want us to be friends because she saw me as a threat. I am an Aries man in a relationship with a Capricorn.So he told me adios...a year later he apologized and then we became best friends. and physically he completely and utterly knows how to make me tick. We fell real hard for each other and had a good couple years but it has grown stale and we have really become quite different people.I'm an Aries cusp in a recent relationship with a Scorpio woman. Smart, funny, sexy, passionate, and beautiful in my eyes. She is like the perfect mixture of Libra and sag, both signs I have blended very well with but on their own never delivered in terms of us TRULY liking and enjoying all that we do.Yeah, it moved really fast, and I know that's bad, but what's bad for some, could be true love for others. This is the only site I've seen which says Scorpio Aries is a good match and I'd agree totally with the analysis. he spoils me rotten and I adore the ground he walks on..

I also have a Aries man guide and Scorpio woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. ) I've never known any guy to be so passionate when he's pissed off!! Probably not, as we really bring out the worst in each other, but I'm at the stage where great sex can compensate for a lot of shortcomings.

But he always ends up tracking me down and pulling me back in. I want a guy that's gonna be open to all my fantasies and have a few of his own. Im 37 seeing an Aries whos 28, im always walking away from him too! just waiting for the other girl to mess up =) She's hurt him once she'll do it again.