Rise of online dating

12-Jan-2018 15:36

“You’ve got someone sitting in the office next to you who is acting out their sex addiction, compulsively masturbating.This is what sex addiction looks like today in our workplaces,” Markham says.Primary sex and love addiction clients account for one in four cases at The Cabin, which has an outpatient addiction counselling clinic in Hong Kong’s Central district.That marks a 30 per cent increase on the previous year.Markham says she and her colleagues are seeing the first wave of people losing their jobs – as well as their marriages and children – as a result of sex addiction, which is enabled by hook-up apps such as Tinder, Blendr and the like.A sex addict might be sitting at work, and rather than focusing on the meeting the deadline for a presentation, he or she is engrossed in a dating app.When the activity is exposed, it can be devastating for relationships and marriages.

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She says it’s important to recognise that sex addiction and love addiction operate in many ways, just as other addictions, such as alcoholism.

“They are not actually in a relationship with anyone although they can be in a relationship on the outside with multiple people.” The Cabin is treating people ranging in age from 18 to those in their senior years.