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At Verbum Dei, 6-foot-1 Lewis led the Eagles to three consecutive section titles between 1969-71 as his Watts neighborhood was recovering from civil unrest."Raymond Lewis was one of the greatest players I've ever seen ...

nobody can change my mind about that," said summer ball pioneer Sonny Vaccaro, who was on hand the night Ray Lew dropped 53 points in Cal St.-LA's 107-104 double-overtime victory over Long Beach State, ranked No. "The difference between Raymond and some other high school standouts that became legends is he played against pros."Unfortunately, that memorable game Lewis' sophomore year in college was the zenith of his basketball career.

An All-American linebacker at the University of Miami, Lewis was drafted by the Ravens in the first round (No.

26 overall) in 1996 and became the NFL's leading tackler in only his second pro season.

Lewis was charged with murder, along with two friends in his limousine, when a street brawl left two young men dead outside a nightclub.

For that -- even after a plea bargain produced a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice -- Lewis expressed bitterness.

He left school in 1973 as the greatest high school guard in So Cal history was the youngest player ever drafted.

But why didn't he play in the NBA, despite being a first-round draft choice of the Philadelphia 76ers?

Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens wanted to be known as one of the best in his sport. He also gained infamy through his involvement in a much-publicized tragedy in Atlanta after the 2000 Super Bowl.

"Offensively, there is nobody like him."Added Reggie Morris Sr., who coached street icon Dwayne Polee: "The first time I saw him play, my mouth dropped.