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16-Mar-2018 23:20

Pro Tools Troubleshooting Guide Bouncing and importing MP3 files in Pro Tools.I imported a Quicktime movie into Pro Tools, but I can’t hear anything. When I go to bounce an MP3 in Pro Tools, I get a message that says “License days remaining: 0.” What should I do?From there, follow the instructions of each tool (any one should work, but I've listed three so there's some choice).Note: SWB has no affiliation with these app providers, they are listed here as the result of a Google search.

You can also manually download and install this update for Windows and Mac OS.Try reinstalling Pro Tools after you’ve installed Quicktime.Alternatively, if there are any updates available for Pro Tools, running those should build the necessary mp3 components after installing Quicktime.There are different ways to uninstall a Quick Time codec.

First of them is just trashing the component file from the /Library/Quick Time folder.Some users have reported that they fix the issue and then see it again later.