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Describe the type, intensity (how much), frequency (how often), and duration (how long) of physical or mental capabilities required.Consider the following: Hints for Writing Job Descriptions Job descriptions should be prepared in a manner that all components are accurately stated to create a clear understanding of the role.The document should be revisited and updated in line with the annual performance evaluation cycle.The job description contains sufficient information to describe major responsibilities and essential functions as they exist today.NOTE: For classified jobs, the University does not list preferred qualifications.Working Conditions Identify the working conditions and physical demands that relate directly to the essential job duties and responsibilities to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.Experience Identify the minimum number of full-time experience required in terms of years and the type of work experience that an employee needs to be qualified for the job.

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The following definitions should be helpful: List specific skills and/or abilities required for incumbent to be successful in this role; including designation of any required licenses or certifications.

They provide the information necessary to classify the position, not the person; thus they are “incumbent neutral” and not based on any specific quality of an incumbent (such as knowledge, skills, abilities, performance, dedication, loyalty, years of service, or degree).