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1.) Is $files_to_watch used to prevent files with those names to be uploaded (attached) to a node? I swear I've tried everything to no avail and really need to stop it for a particular content type.2.) Every single time I try your code, my files that I try to attach keep getting numbers attached to them (i.e. It is useful to think of the file_save_upload function as part of form processing. The file will be added to the table as a temporary file. To make the file a permanent file, assign the status and use file_save() to save the changes.$form_field_name: A string that is the associative array key of the upload form element in the form array.$destination: A string containing the URI that the file should be copied to. If this value is omitted, Drupal's temporary files scheme will be used ("temporary://").$replace: Replace behavior when the destination file already exists: An object containing the file information if the upload succeeded, FALSE in the event of an error, or NULL if no file was uploaded. My file is in $form['replace_textfield']['edit']['app_icon'] And I tried like everything but nothing works to really get the file...Temporary files older than DRUPAL_MAXIMUM_TEMP_FILE_AGE will be removed during cron runs." (from includes/ Max temp file age is defined as 6 hours in modules/system/system.module: define('DRUPAL_MAXIMUM_TEMP_FILE_AGE', 21600); If you can't find $form_field_name, what is ESSENTIAL to make this function work, just dump the $_FILES variable and you will find the correct key! My question is, if you would advice me to do it like a module the way you do it or use the rules module to trigger the needed actions, here is the code I already have....Things to take into account are that at the end of this process the file is visible at a text box by clicking a button, at this new visualization (2nd code) the file is available for download and also ready to being taken as input for the next process....

An an example, consider the following two tests: ok('good','good', 'its all good'); # this test passes because the first two # arguments return the same values.The documentation for the "File interface" group, which you can find under Related topics, or the header at the top of this file, documents the components of a file object. PHP shoots it up as $_FILES['field_name'] and file_save_upload is looking for $_FILES['files']['name']['field_name']. The only way I got it to work was by using $form['FILE_HERE'].