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The filters at the moment don’t have a lot going on.I would have liked seeing more options such as filters based on, height, weight, hobbies, etc.Now, it might sometimes work out for you; other times it may not. There are some questions you must ask yourself when diving into the scene of online dating: ● Am I patient enough? But it stood out because of some things that it offers.First of all, online dating does not mean that you sit on the couch all day and start dating a person over the internet. Many aspects of it would seem familiar to most of you. It is quite new actually, and it feels different yet familiar in many ways.When you see a person’s profile, you can click on it and not worry about being redirected to another website having a blog describing how to boil eggs. The steps to do that are: ● Fill in your basic information; set up a password ● Provide your birth date ● Provide your zip code ● Upload a photo as your profile picture After you do that, you are actually provided an interactive tutorial on how to use You are shown how to interact with other people’s profiles in real-time. Moreover, everything you need is right in front of your eyes.

You can send pictures and GIFs to the other person along with regular text.Over half (62%) of people locally admitted to lying while dating online – faking information to make themselves look better than they do in real-life, or even to try and catch their partners cheating.The proliferation of fake data is a big turn-off for people using online dating services, with one-in-five (15%) stating they are being put-off online dating by false photos, and one-in-ten being put-off by the fake relationship expectations (14%) and dishonest relationship statuses (14%) they come across.Please do not send pictures of your genitalia as the first message *sigh*.

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The good and the bad Hily is still a work in progress and there is a lot of stuff I would have liked to see in it, based on my experience with other dating websites.Also, like in Tinder, you cannot send anyone a message until you both have “liked” each other’s profile.