Non sedating antihistamine tablet

09-Dec-2017 08:19

Unfortunately, for dogs suffering from hay fever type symptoms as a result of exposure to grasses and pollens, this can't be avoided.

Dog owners can try to help alleviate some of the irritation by being aware of the causes and finding ways to offer some relief.

Some dogs seem to love chasing, and even eating wasps and bees in the summer, which can result in some nasty bites and stings.

While most only produce a mild annoyance to the animal, some can cause a severe allergic reaction.

Once you start using Piriton tablets if these changes continue or become worse it is a good idea to consult your vet as there may be another underlying problem.

This is usually only an initial reaction and quickly resolves itself but it can lead to loss of appetite or inability to keep food down.Some breeds are more susceptible than others to contracting allergies.

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