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11-Feb-2018 14:57

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I have seen many other posts from victims on this topic, and I have to ask why this happens?Is there something about the ‘new source’ that makes them more prone to such a drastic step in the Narcissists mind? First, Narcissists always have motives – plain and simple..Narcissists in many ways know how to survive and they mastered this trait very early on.Their inability to attach allows them to prey on people, but only when it means there is something in it for them long-term. If his new source provides him/her with the ability to obtain that which he will never achieve on his own, they will go to great lengths to secure this constant source of Narcissistic Supply.Their worldview doesn’t support a reality where they could be wrong, so they always deflect blame and argue that someone else (or a factor beyond anyone’s control) caused the problem. There’s nothing wrong with selfies, but if you know a woman who seems to exclusively take selfies, paying all her attention to framing herself perfectly and never thinking to grab a shot of her family, friends, or the world around her… If you have a woman in your life who never seems to exhibit any empathy and who always wants to make things about HER, she probably has narcissist tendencies and you should consider keeping your distance.You will rarely, if ever, hear a narcissist say “My bad.”7. Friendships and relationships are all about give and take, which is something a true narcissist will never, ever understand.

As I have stated in many of my posts, Narcissists have very specific reasons for being in relationships, but they are not built on the universal need we all have, which is to love.While it’s fine to talk about yourself occasionally in social settings, a true narcissist will almost exclusively talk about herself OR will constantly be attempting to steer the conversation back to her.Ask yourself — “When was the last time she asked a question about ME?This is particularly apparent if you know a woman who is constantly trying to use her charm or sexuality on people she’s not romantically interested in.

Narcissists think they’re the hottest things on Earth, and that inflated sense of self-image makes them believe that no one could EVER resist them.Unfortunately, when I met my ex-husband, I did not proceed with caution as I should have. There is almost nothing a Narcissist won’t do if he thinks it will bring him fame. Any publicity is good publicity, even through marriage.

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