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I would never leave my bedridden granny alone even with an electronic tv monitor. My grandfather reached a point in his 90’s where he was still very coherent and independent around the house, but what he did most of the time was to find a place to sit and relax and to nap on and off.He needed a bathroom close by that he didn’t have to hike to the other end of the house for, and he wanted easy access to the kitchen to grab something to eat.So he invented the MEDcottage, a portable high-tech dwelling that could be trucked to a family’s back yard and used to shelter a loved one in need of special care.

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If only one person is allowed to live in it and it’s for medical reasons, they’d most likely have a hospital type bed anyway rather than a huge queen sized thing.I am straight, shaven up and down, always shower fresh and look after my hygiene.