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It's only at night (under the influence of hideously expensive alcohol) that inhibitions fly free and all hell breaks loose. A raucous Northern European celebration, the night has spawned legendary tales of magic and mayhem.To me this view has a fundamental flaw: it ignores obvious cause and effect. Blame the confusion over its exact date on the puritanical leanings of the early Christian church, who decided that it was terribly important to celebrate the birthday of John the Baptist (St Johannes, or Hans, to the Scandis), which fell – oh, what a coincidence!Celebrating the Summer Solstice The celebration of the Summer solstice is a very ancient practice, dating back to pre-Christian times.Midsummer was originally a fertility festival with many customs and rituals associated with nature and with the hope for a good harvest the coming fall/autumn.

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Vorspiel, the Norwegians call it – literally, foreplay.

In Denmark, Midsummer's Eve is also a popular day, celebrated with large bonfires and processions in the evening.