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But then it happened to me twice in one weekend, with the same two girls. A couple years back I was six months into a relationship dating a girl (let’s call her Lauren, since she is not named that) who I was very much in love with. And because it wanted to, it was worth whatever speedbumps this whole “I want to have a threeway! If you’re thinking, “Gee, this guy was pressing his luck trying to get his super hot girlfriend into a threeway,” you are correct. I explained that she seemed down to bone us, even though she only really knew me.During the sex talk we had in the beginning of our relationship about what we liked and didn’t like in bed, I asked her what she thought about a threeway. I stored that little nugget away in my brain, right next to the lyrics to "Motorcycle Drive By" ("I never been so alone/ And I've never been so alive"). Remember that thing where I thought our relationship was impervious to failure? Lauren had made out with women in her life, but never had gone all the way.

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And it was non-sexual for 99% of it, but in that 1%, I did ask Tori if she’d ever been in a threesome. Just some making out with another girl with a guy there. But she warmed up to the idea once I showed her photos of Tori and talked about how great she was. We weren't going to have sex with any girl, it was our new pal Tori! After pitching the threesome idea to Tori despite only knowing her a few weeks, she said she was down too. I don’t think Tori said yes because she wanted to fuck me.

That means they’re basically making out with each other, but your penis happens to be between them.

And outside of watching my girlfriend have orgasms with another woman, I wanted this more than anything.

I watched as my girlfriend and another attractive woman made out with each other on my bed. We did everything we said we were going to do: I fucked my girlfriend while she went down on the other girl, the girls gave each other orgasms, and I got that two-woman blowjob I’d been fantasizing about. Two woman blowjobs are flying first class from New York to LA and one woman blowjobs are walking from New York to LA with a hernia while a man stabs you in the legs. the sex was had, and it was great (other than the “boring” BJ).

Two woman blowjobs are Frank Sinatra singing “My Way” with a full orchestra, and one woman blowjobs are former Wisconsin center Frank Kaminsky singing “My Way” at karaoke. The downside to everything is that I now know what it’s like to have two mouths pleasuring me at the same time. Except for the moment where the girls pleasured one another when I took a bathroom break, and I felt left out. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been vacationing in Norway, multiple sources confirm to Us Weekly.

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