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28-Jun-2018 05:38

Andy received a number of awards including Officer of the Year (1993) and the highest award, The Distinguished Service Award (1994).

Since you have to feed and water your dog, you have time to work with your dog. In this interview we discuss several different aspects of dog behavior.

At Falco K9 Academy in Orange County, California Andy discusses one of the leading causes of death in Dogs... We will also discuss why Microchips are not enough to protect your dog from being lost.

Andy at Falco K9 Academy in Brea is the host of Falco K9's Dog Talk.

It is interesting that many of the dogs who come to us, we don't find aggressive at all or not nearly as aggressive as described. What is even more surprising many of these dogs are referred to us by TRAINERS who "TOLD" the owners their dogs are aggressive.

This episode discusses this issue in regard to "baggage" a dog may be carrying and causing this aggression.And in this episode of Falco K9's Dog Talk we discuss we discuss the situation with the Officer who got bit by a Police K9 in Richmond California and having a Love/Hate Relationship with your dog and how to get rid of the hate. Falco K9Dog training involves more than creating behaviors and fixing bad manners.

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