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Taken back home to watch as his parents' bodies were buried outside, a distraught Bruce was left cared for by Alfred, who arranged that he won't be taken into social service care.

He blamed himself for his parents' murder: if had he not been frightened, the Waynes would not have encountered Chill, though Alfred assured him it was no one's fault but Chill's.

His father rescued him, though Bruce developed a fear of bats; the senior Wayne comforted his son by telling him that though people fall, they always have the strength to get up.

Later, Bruce accompanied his parents into the city to see a new monorail system they built that just opened up for the public.

He was taken back to the lodge with a cast for his leg and bandage on his forehead, and rested in bed until Alfred came to check on him.

Because Bruce had a broken leg and slight concussion, a doctor who Alfred conferred with concluded that if the butler wanted to take the boy back to Gotham, he would need proper transportation.

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At the police headquarters, one of the patrolmen, Sergeant James Gordon, did his best to comfort Bruce with a coat while Police Lieutenant Gillian Loeb was able to capture Chill.At age twelve, Bruce's home-school days ended when he inherited enough money from his ancestors to give himself a first-class education and attend Mark Twain High School in Ossaville, a town closer than Gotham.When the principle told Alfred that there was nothing more the school staff could give the boy, Bruce was scheduled to do his schoolwork with a series of tutors.Although the only child in the house, his loneliness eventually changed during his fourth birthday, when his parents brought in other children for him to befriend, but most spent his party running around and yelling.

This left Bruce in a best friendship with the only well-behaved child among them, Rachel Dawes, who was the daughter of the mansion's housekeeper and lived in housing unit nearby.

Faking his death, Bruce passed on his legacy to John Blake and left Gotham to start a relationship with Selina Kyle.