Good looking people are intimidating

29-Jun-2017 09:07

It is an occupational hazard of being super hot looking.Regrettably, when you look a certain way, men are more interested in having sex with you than making love to you." Number 10: “Men presume that I am a whore and a bitch because I look hot. I have had people break into my apartment and steal my lingerie—very creepy stuff.” According to many terminally pretty women, the problems are: difficulty meeting guys; people think they are dumb; people are less empathetic towards them; men do not respect them; and people look at their bodies and think they know them without ever having met them. True, these are generic female concerns, but they are usually more resounding for large women.When I asked a certain women I got on with, if she would like to keep in touch, she declined. I hide my figure on my dating profile so I don't attract the wrong types, then when men meet me in person they can barely talk to me: they get so nervous, they can almost talk about nothing else! Sitting in a booth helps: they cannot see my entire figure (v.Her friend from the group funnily enough isn't that attractive. I get guys who say 'nice tits' and proposition me, others claim I'm out of their league, or I'm too good for them, the last guy I dated said this, I thought he was attractive. at a bar stool), and can focus on getting to know me.I extract myself as quickly and gracefully as possible when this happens. When I'm out, creeps approach me, and they say the most degrading things. Somehow a single attractive woman is a 'target' rather than a human being.As is often the case, the word "creeps" is interchangeable with the phrase "men that I find unattractive".

It is very painful to discover that your friend does not really like you, but rather is trying to use your looks to shore up their ailing self-esteem.” Number 8: “Society forces me to rely on my looks, and then condemns me for exploiting my looks. I will admit it, people do things for me that they would not do for less attractive people. People have always gravitated to my looks, not my capabilities.The world will be a beautiful place when people can be seen as people.Have you considered the possibility that you, as a person, are seen by good men as nothing more than a woman with a repulsive personality?I want a nice guy that I can feel safe with, who makes me laugh. I just want to meet a nice guy who is into me for the person I am, not my face and my body.

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I want someone who will love me when I am not smoking hot.” Number 2: “My physical appearance intimidates women, so they never want me around.I have had little success finding female friends.” Number 3: “People presume that I am shallow because I am pretty.

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