Decoding dating signals

12-Aug-2017 01:04

Too big too soon and it could look like I was trying too hard. Too romantic and I'd run the risk of setting the bar too high. In fact, as Cheryl discovered after excitedly tearing off the wrapping paper, it was a bowling ball.And so it was with great enthusiasm that I finally unveiled the gift. And not just any bowling ball, but a blue, personalized bowling ball ("The Spanker," the twin to the 12-pounder I had bought myself: "The Wanker").Fifteen years ago, I found myself in a romantic pickle: Cheryl, a woman I had been dating for about three months, was nearing her 25th birthday.

We seem to be able to tell when we are receiving mixed signals, but we do not always know what they mean.

If the object of your affection is incapable of this communication, please do not dismiss it or try all sorts of ways to fix it.

File it away under the "red flag" section and seriously consider moving on!

If instead your partner shuts down further or sends even more mixed messages, this can trigger your anxiety and fruitless attempts to get the relationship on track. Many people chalk up their relationship difficulties to "poor communication." I believe that unless your partner is speaking in a second language, there is no reason that a mature adult can't speak clearly and directly.

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Do you really want to be with someone who sends mixed signals?The mixed signals mean one of two things: When a member of the opposite sex is not that into you, they may actually be ambivalent.

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