Dating rules are stupid

26-Mar-2018 17:23

1 There’s a story this culture likes to tell about men and women. Which means that dating isn’t about having different experiences in order to learn about yourself, figure out what you want, and develop authentic connections with people (however those connections choose to express themselves). It has rules (The Rules) both for men (be as alpha as possible) and women (don’t have sex with him for 90 days, or until he puts a ring on it, or until hell freezes over, or whatever).

Maybe you’re a boho chick in a tight-minidress world, and somewhere there’s a guy who might or might not know he’s looking for exactly that. What if you were to lock eyes with that person across a crowded room…and then because of the story your outfit isn’t telling?

He was a friend, he was hot, and I knew he wasn’t an asshole. It was because we had forged an authentic connection.

It was also because I am fabulous.) 3 And you do want to get married and have babies — right?

Therefore, men must manipulate as many women as possible into having sex with them (because that’s what all men want) and women must manipulate men into commitment and marriage (because that’s what all women want).

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It means that men should look a certain way and act a certain way.What if, instead of trying to please the people who might not like your natural style, you simply let them go? This is different from the popular conception of ‘soulmate’ as someone who will always understand you, never cause you trouble, love you deeply and passionately and forever, never bother you with inconvenient needs of their own, always remember to put out the cat, and so on.