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19-May-2018 14:39

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Because world wars were total wars which required governments to utilize their entire populations for the purpose of defeating their enemies, millions of women were encouraged to work in industry and take over jobs previously done by men.

During World War I women across the United States were employed in jobs previously done by men.

Women quickly responded to Rosie the Riveter, who convinced them that they had a patriotic duty to enter the workforce.

If they both worked, they worked different shifts so they could take turns babysitting.

Taking on a job during World War II made people unsure if they should urge the women to keep acting as full-time mothers, or support them getting jobs to support the country in this time of need.

In the laboratory the apes have been able to learn sign language and to recognize themselves in a mirror, a sign of self-awareness not yet demonstrated in monkeys.… continue reading »

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