Dating palissy pottery

09-Jul-2017 23:03

Calvinism started to be propagated in the region of La Rochelle, resulting in its suppression through the establishment of Cours présidiaux tribunals by Henry II.

Further cases of Reformation iconoclasm were recorded in La Rochelle from , following the Massacre of Vassy.The city is connected to the Île de Ré by a 2.9-kilometre (1.8-mile) bridge completed on .Its harbour opens into a protected strait, the Pertuis d'Antioche.In 1402, the French adventurer Jean de Béthencourt left La Rochelle and sailed along the coast of Morocco to conquer the Canary islands.

During the Renaissance, La Rochelle adopted Protestant ideas.The naval battle of La Rochelle was one of the first cases of the use of handguns on warships, which were deployed by the French and Spanish against the English.