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The word Yehuda comes from the Hebrew word lehodot, which means to thank.Indeed, upon his birth, Leah, Yehuda's mother, exclaimed "hapaam odeh et Hashem," this time I thank God.She declared that the owner of the staff and signet ring she held was the father – a message only Yehuda could understand.Shocked with the sudden revelation of the identity of the woman he had met, Yehuda could have let Tamar meet her demise, together with her secret.

Yet Yehuda's name hints at his preparedness for royalty.

Feelings of gratitude characterized Yehuda's birth. The commonly used word todah, meaning "thank you," stems from the same root.

Our Sages taught that a person's name is given by his parents in a moment of Divinely inspired insight, and a name describes something about the person who bears it. Our forefather Yaakov, in his final blessings to the sons he knew would give rise to the entire Jewish nation, proclaimed that the monarchy within the Jewish people should remain in the tribe of Yehuda.

Promising to return with payment, he gave her his signet ring and staff as collateral.

Yet when he returned to pay her, the woman he sought was nowhere to be found, and nobody had heard of her.Her father in law promised her that when his younger son Sheila came of age, he too would marry Tamar.