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The earliest passing mention of Soninke people's Ghana Empire is found in the 8th-century Arab geographer Muḥammad ibn Ibrāhīm al-Fazārī and a more complete record found in another 11th-century Arab geographer Al-Bakri.

The rulers and Soninke people of the Ghana Empire converted to Islam in the 11th century, and they have been Muslim ever since.

The village slaves were a privileged servile group who lived apart from the village and took orders from the village chief.

The domestic slaves lived in with a family and could not be sold.

The Soninke, also called Sarakole, Seraculeh, or Serahuli, are a West African ethnic group found in eastern Senegal and its capital Dakar, northwestern Mali and Foute Djalon in Guinea, and southern Mauritania.

Soninke people were the founders of the ancient empire of Ghana c. Subgroups of Soninke include the Maraka and Wangara.

The Soninke, according to these records, were the founders of the ancient Ghana Empire (not to be confused with modern Ghana), also called the Wagadu Empire.

Most of the Soninke people are found in the valley of the upper Senegal river and along the Mali – Senegal – Mauritania border between Nara and Nioro du Sahel.

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The slaves among the Soninke people were hierarchically arranged into three strata.

In their early history, they helped exchange salt from the north and western coast for gold found inland.

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