Dating a russian orthodox man

23-Mar-2018 06:25

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” When it comes to marriage, the issue is not whether or not you are ‘Greek’, as Greek is the ethnicity.The question instead is whether you are an Orthodox Christian, or even just Christian.According to the Orthodox Church in America, many Americans of Orthodox Christian faith celebrate Christmas according to the revised Julian calendar. White cloth is used on dinner tables in some countries to symbolize purity and the cloth that baby Jesus was wrapped in.For many Orthodox Christians, Christmas Day is not about presents, eggnog or Christmas characters that have become popular through commercialization. Straw may be placed on these tables to symbolize the simplicity of the place where Jesus was born.Many people identify the Nativity Fast as the period of preparing to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth.It is believed that fasting helps people shift their focus from themselves to others, spending less time worrying about food and using more time in increased prayer and caring for the poor.

For example, many churches light a small fire of blessed palms and burn frankincense to commemorate the three wise men’s (also known as Magi) gifts to baby Jesus.In return, fasting before the Nativity enables one to fully enjoy, appreciate and celebrate the Nativity of Christ.