Dating a girl who has no friends

21-Apr-2018 20:52

I have two very close friends, who I’ve known since university.

We live very near each other, we go on holidays together, see each other several times a week, and know everything about each other.

But despite this, she is still self-conscious about her lack of ‘best’ female friend. I sometimes think it's the worst thing you can say – you can be unlucky in love but surely everyone's got a girlie group they can bitch about men with? When I posed the question on Twitter, the number of women who admitted that they just “didn’t get” female friendships, and felt all the lesser for it, was astounding.

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Having female friends is incredible, because they are always looking to set you up with someone.

The more females you have in your life for non-sexual purposes, the easier you're gonna end up getting laid.

I feel like they are going to try and start **** and us guys know that guy friends aren't in it for friendship most of the time they want more with a girl unless they are gay. The muscles i value most are the ones directly surrounding the spine, the hips, the scapula, the femur and the tibia... Also lol @ "we all know guys are only friends with girls because theyre trying to get some" You sound like a total loser bro.

Any brahs got experience dating a girl who has lots of guy friends? Lots of guys I know have close female friends that they have no interest in.But if we all know this, why do we still play up to the myth that the measure of any woman is the number of female friends she has?

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