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17-Oct-2017 13:57

By bringing together the many years of expertise in development and manufacturing from the two companies, Fujitsu aims to increase productivity and create a highly flexible production facility agile enough to withstand volume fluctuations.As the world enters the "Internet of things" age in which everything is connected to the Internet, smartphones and other ubiquitous products will take many different forms and expand and penetrate into every market.Against this backdrop, Fujitsu has made the decision to consolidate Fujitsu Mobile-phones Products, which has focused on producing mobile phone handsets, with Fujitsu Peripherals, a manufacturer of ubiquitous products such as tablets, PC peripherals, and smartphones.With this consolidation, Fujitsu will integrate the manufacturing technology and know-how of the two companies to create a production organization that leverages what is best about Japan's manufacturing by pursuing rigorous automation in the form of robotics and advanced ICT usage, from design through manufacturing.

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As a result, wireless service is becoming more like a commodity, and this has manifested itself in rate plans that are not all that different from carrier to carrier.Approximately 170,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries.We use our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with our customers.By integrating these factories and strengthening its mobile phone business, Fujitsu will reallocate staff from throughout its mobile phone business to new areas, such as enterprise solutions and automotive-related businesses to promote its FUJITSU Mobile Initiative which aims to meet the diverse mobility needs of customers and society.

Through its vertically integrated business model, Fujitsu is providing customers its range of products and services, from mobile phones, network services and cloud services.Talk plans: If you go over your minutes or data for the month, Consumer Cellular automatically bumps you up to the next tier, along with the increased price.