Check remote servers when validating email addresses

15-Aug-2017 04:01

Otherwise the Citrix XML service defaults to standalone mode.

If during the installation the an IIS server (or the IIS server role) is detected, the files specified above folder are copied from .

It is recommended to have multiple servers with the Citrix XML server, as close as possible to the servers Zone Data Collectors (Xen App) and Desktop Delivery Controller (Xen Desktop).

which reveals it leverages this protocol for network transportation.

It is also used when users connect via the TCP/IP HTTP protocol.

The XML broker is used by the Web Interface to enumerate published resources from the a Xen App farm or Xen Desktop site.

This server also communicates directly with a Zone Data Collector (Xen App) or Desktop Delivery Controller (Xen Desktop) to determine the system to route a user to when an application is launched through the Web Interface.

It is introduced with Meta Frame 1.8 SP2, since Meta Frame XP is is a standard feature.

Up to Xen App 6.0 each Xen App server could be a XML broker.Module Isapi Module Notification Execute Request Handler Handler ISAPI-dll Error Code 0×00000000 It is not recommend to integrate the Citrix XML Server in IIS and use the share port 80 with IIS (Configuring the Citrix XML Service Port and Trust – Citrix e Docs – Beware of Hosting Web Interface on Xen App Servers – Nicholas Dille) If a different process requires the same ports you will receive the message “Citrix XML port selected is in use by another application or service”.

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