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Bulk peat samples should be dried or stored in a cool, dark place.Do not wrap them in aluminum foil because the acidic nature of the peat will cause it to disintegrate.The FRE may be estimated by radiocarbon dating the surface sediment, aquatic plants or mollusks but it may also have varied over time.This is less of a problem in 'softwater' regions, but glacial meltwater may have added old carbon to some lakes.Peat Identifiable macrofossils are the preferred choice for radiocarbon dating in peat bogs.They should be selected and rinsed in deionised, distilled or ultra-pure water and stored in water with a few drops of 10% HCl or dried at low temperature (C).These include preservatives used in conversation such as wax, varnish, glue, or insecticides and hydrocarbons.

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Please remove any roots from bulk samples before sending them.Identifiable terrestrial plant remains (macrofossils) are therefore usually the preferred samples for radiocarbon dating lake sediments.