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Ang Dating Daan is produced by the Members Church of God International (MCGI), presided by Bro.Eliseo Soriano, who also hosts the religious program.He said, “I’ll give to you the spirits of these ministries: the Mosaic, Solomonic and the Prophetic ministries.” And in those visions, I (and many others) saw myself standing, as three, big, spirit-like men entered my body. Then in due time, after 40 years of living in privilege and wealth in Egypt, a problem, which was an orchestration of the Almighty Father, arose.The interpretation was of the three ministries – the Mosaic, the Solomonic, and the Prophetic Ministry – entrusted to me by the Father. Moses was given by God to the people so that he would save Israel from Egyptian bondage. Moses found himself in the backside of the wilderness for 40 years.The story covers a span of hundreds of years – 450 years in Egyptian bondage. He did not know that this was the unfolding of the spiritual drama in which he was one of the actors. And pretty soon, he found himself enmeshed in the study of the Father’s revelations for 40 years in the wilderness; such revelations he did not know or encounter before.After 40 years of solitary confinement in the wilderness, where he was taught through revelations from the Almighty Father, he was sent back from Egypt with one message.Once you've done that, head off to Wikipedia: Copyright problems and report it there by posting "Article from [ (talk) , 30 December 2008 (UTC) This article has been semi-protected.


The program frequently criticizes other denominations for their doctrines, practices and what it says are false teachings, including the Catholic Church, some Christian denominations, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventist Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and especially the Iglesia ni Cristo, (Church of Christ founded by Felix Manalo), a Philippine-based religion.Sin has drained man of happiness, real peace and salvation and the only way to get back to that spiritual life is repentance — Pastor Apollo calls this process as “spiritual revolution.” Joining this concert crusade are youth members of the Keepers Club International from all over Canada who came to perform on the orchestra.Keepers Club is a school based organization backed by the Kingdom of Jesus Christ which aims to create a productive environment for youths instead of wasting them on worthless causes.When the Father called me, He isolated me in two mountains.

He let me go through some spiritual experiences that I never had before. He grew up in Egypt and became the pharaoh’s son through the pharaoh’s daughter.

It has been recognized as one of the longest-running religious programs in the Philippines. Initially, the TV program would only run for one hour due to limited funds.

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