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25-Nov-2017 01:16

While the Go A is enthusiastic towards FDI, a difficult business climate, an inconsistent regulatory environment, and a government that seems torn generationally between protecting the status quo and liberalizing the economy hampers what could be potentially be a flood of foreign investment in this emerging economy.

There are business opportunities in nearly every sector, including but not limited to energy, power, water, health care, telecommunications, transportation, recycling, and agribusiness.

Algeria currently has a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) with the U. Industrial Promotion ANDI is the primary Algerian government agency tasked with seeking and recruiting foreign investment.

As part of the February 2015 bilateral TIFA meetings, Go A officials stated their intention to expand the purview of ANDI, specifically by: 1) unifying the loose network of nationwide offices under a uniform structure to provide more consistent information to those seeking to start businesses; 2) consolidating government business informational services under ANDI to create a “one-stop shop” for those seeking information on starting businesses in Algeria; and 3) reorienting ANDI to pro-actively seek and recruit investment in Algeria, as opposed to passively answering questions of those who inquire.

The recent drop in oil prices has highlighted Algeria’s over-dependence on hydrocarbons and increased calls to open and diversify the economy.

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Incentives are listed by the National Agency for Investment Development (ANDI) website, as well as on the websites of economically oriented ministries. The last TIFA council meeting was held in February 2015 - the first meeting in 11 years.Some foreign investors use multiple local partners in the same venture, effectively reducing ownership of each individual local partner to enable the foreign partner to own the majority share.

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