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What power does it impart to his friends to aid him ? Valentine chuckled so desperately over the success of this scheme, that he dared not, for fear of being suspected, commence another for some considerable time. " ^' It doant siggerfy tawkin' a button," cried Tooler, '' we cam't get to Tarn noo to-night.

By the thirty-fourth section it is enacted, '* That if any person shall apply to one of the commissioners, or any justice of the peace of the county in which any house of reception for two or more insane persons is 8itiiate» in order to be informed whether any particular person is confined in any of the said houses of reception for two or more insane persons, and the said commissioner or justice shall think it reasonable to permit each inquiry to be made, and shall sign an order directed to the clerk of the commissioners or clerk of the visitors for that purpose, the said clerk of the commissioners or derk of the visitors is hereby required, upon the receipt of such order, to make search ; and if it shall appear upon search that the person so inquired after is or has been confined in any of the said bouses, the said clerk of the commissioners or clerk of the visitors shall immediately deliver to the person so applying, in writing, the name of the keeper in whose house the person so inquired after is or has been confined, the situation of such house, and a copy of the order and certificate upon which such person was received into such house, upon payment of the sum of seven shil Ungs, and no more, for his trouble." Well : he obtains this information — ^provided the asylum in which he is confined be within the jurisdiction of the com* missioners, that is to say, within seven miles of London — ^he ascertains where his friend is, and what then can he do ? — ^The green-eyed monster prevents the performance of a most disinterested act of friendship •.....•• 33 Chap. — Valentine's Tisit to the House of Commons .50 Chap. — ^In which Goodman is honoured with a peculiar visit, and subse- q;uently seized in the most mysterious manner possible . XL — ^The mysterious seizure— a gentleman drowned in invagination — first appearance of Valentine upon the stage of the Italian Opera . The absurd surmises of the puzzled Tooler, and the inferences of the gentleman in black, which were scarcely less ridiculous, kept him in a perpetual fever while they met the '* down coach." ^ You leave us here of course V observed the gentleman in black. It taint often I do goo to tarn, but whens'ever I do, suffin's sure to be the matter. 'Sides, if I was to break the wind of all my horses, I shouldn't be up afore twelve o'clock now, and what is the use o' that? And what's the use o' ten V enquired Tooler indignantly.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. ^^^^^»V»^^^*^^A^^^ LONDON: ROBERT TYAS, 8, PATERNOSTER ROW. f S3 LONDON : PRINTBI) BT STEWART AND MUBRAT; OLD BAILBT. ** The power of an accomplished Ventriloquist is well known to be unlimited. VU loat to the world : those who were dear to him are led to believe that he is dead^ and dead he is to society for ever. — Valentine becomes acquainted with a frightful calamity, and has a heart-rending interview on the subject with Horace . Signer Antonio Hesperio de Ballamoniac's next care was, of course, to get the money which had been taken at the door during the perform- ance, which, added to the sum he himself had received, made the gross amount 23/. With this and his implements of jugglery — the whole of which were safely deposited in a small cotton han&erchief— 8 LIFE AVD ADVBNTtl RES OF he repaired to hia quartera^ wbere, of course, he was soon joined by his partner, the jouma Ust. ^^ Yon see I was right/' *^ That talented notice of youm did the trick,*' observed the Signer, *^ that Yos the game !

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OP VALENTINE VOX, THE VENTRILOQUIST. There is no scene in life in which that power is incapable of being developed : it gives its possessor a command over the actions, the feelings, the passions of men, while its efl Sicacy in loading with ridicule every prejudice and every project of which the tendency is pernicious cannot fail to be 'perceived at a glance. An Act to regulate the Care and Treatment of Insane Persons in England ; but were it called An Act to facilitate the perpetual imprisonment of perfectly sane persons, with the view of promoting the unhallowed designs of the sordid and the malicious, its effect would be better declared : for it is an Act, essentially an Act, for the promotion of such objects as those which avarice and malignity may, under certain circumstances, prompt, seeing that under it fethers may be incar- cerated by sons, and sons by fathers : sisters by brothers, and brothers by sisters: children by parents ; wives by husbands, and husbands by wives, when the object proposed is either adultery, the dishonest possession of property, the prevention of what are termed imprudent matches, or the foul gratification of revenge. Any one may in a moment be st'ized, manacled, and beaten into a state of insciiflibiljty, iiii'l carried away, without the power of appealing ' r :ii Lv iriiiu, without the most remote prospect of being even ■a Ii'.^- 1.1 Iri iiri) irieod know where he is. All that is required to authorise the perpetual imprisonment of a man under the Act is a certificate signed by two medical practitioners, — who may be either physicians, surgeons, or apothecaries, they are not at all particular under the Act,— or one will do, if two cannot at the time be conveniently procured, should any " special circumstance exist,'' and any thing may be called a special circumstance — the signature of one apothecary — ^no matter how young, how inex- perienced, or how ignorant he may be — is sufficient to consign either a man, woman, or child to a Lunatic Asylum for life. " ** You have a pretty good haul," observed Ironsides. " warmly exclaimed the Signer; * Words cannot hexpresa my deep gratitude. I mean for to stand a good sup- per to night, if I never stand another." Accordingly supper was ordered and eaten, and brandy and water ad libitum drank, the whole of which was directed by the Siffn man. " and away went the horses down the hill ; but in an instant Tooler saw the wheel whizzing a-head, at the rate of full thirty miles an hour. " shouted Tooler, and the passengers obeyed him, but he also pulled the horses to the left so violently that tbe coach, coming in contact with the jutting bank, turned over and de- posited him and the passengers upon a newly formed bed of manure.

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Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. XXXIII.— In wbich Walter and hia amiable family have a highly cha- raeteriatic con Tenation on the aabject of Goodman's release . XXXTVd — ^Uncle John arrl Tes in town, and nith Valentine attends the dvie pageant and feait ••...• 268 Chap. XXXVII.— Shows how Unde John and Valentine managed to ascertain that Goodman was confined as a hinatic, and how they also managed to introdnoe themsdres bodily into the Asylum • • • 307 Chap. He knew that he was perfectly uneducated, and was conscious of the construction of his sentences being anything but strictly gram- matica J.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. His appearance was singularly imposing, for he had tied on a long flowing beard, which, though black, had a peculiarly cabalistic and patriarchal effect, while his face — instead of being vul- garly daubed with vermillion — ^had been carefully rubbed over with whitening, to give him the aspect of one much addicted to study ; and lines had been made with the edge of a burnt cork, with the view of.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. XXIX.-^In which Valentine has the pleasure of meeting two persons in whom he takes gf eat interest, and whom he accompanies to a wax-work exhibition ..••.. indicating the furrows which that study had established.

He has but to bribe a disreputable apothecary — and, unhappily, there are many in the profession who, for the fee of a guinea, have signed, and who are ready again to sign away the liberty of any man, pleading to their own consciences, perhaps, like Shakspeare's apothecary, that their poverty, and not their will, consents — ^be has but to bribe one of these men to certify that the victim is insane — or if he knows not o DC of these, he need but excite his victim, and call in any other medical man^to see him, while in a state of excitement, and to declare as a '' special circumstance/' that he has just been attempting to commit suicide, or to do himself some grievous mischief, when the very energy with which be wi U deny the imputation, will tend to convince him who has been summaned expressly to see a madman, that he is mad — ^and when the cer- tificate is signed, the proprietor of an asylum has but to be ap- plied to, when keepers will be dispatched to secure the victim, and the facility with which a second signature can be obtained in such a case is ]»overhia L In Acts of Parliament penalties look very well, and appear prima facie to be very efficient : thus in this Act it seems to be a security against malj H'actices, that, ^* any person who shall knowingly, and with intention to deceive, sign any such certifi-- cate untruly settmg forth any such particulars required by this Act, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor ;" but how is the guilt of such person to be proved ? " cried the coachman as the horses were dancing, on the cloths being drawn from their loins. " and away they pranced, as merrily as if they had known that their load was nothing when compared with the load they had left behind them. " said the coachman, shaking his head as he approached the comer of the street at which Mrs. Valentine's attention was thus directed to his mother, who was kiss- ing her hand with considerable rapidity, when the salute was returned, aim the coach passed on. *^ I cannot sit here — my nerves cannot endure it ; its perfectly shocking." "Blister their bowls! '' In less than a minute the coach drew up opposite the stable, when the gentleman in black at once proceeded to alight. Well, I pu Us up at once, lor I eouldu t see my horses until I'd wiped some on it off; and while Harry and me was laughing at aich other, fit to split, up comes tbe old warment, and, praps, she did nt go it a ffood un ! But I've fixed her wi' the horse-shoei there, damg her old carkus, she camt do no more mischief now." '^ Are you sure of tbat ? " said Valentine, in an awfully hollow whisper, sufficiently loud only to reach Tooler's ear. " exclaimed one of the passengers at this moment; " only look at this wheel ! No sooner does he get below the surface than he Ms &Bt asleep, and although he dreams of his subject with unspeakable zeal, draws conclusions from his premises, solves^ collateral problems, establishes positions, and carries his designs into i m a gi n ar y execution, his mind, when he awakes, leaps back over the interesting interregnum, and begins to toil again 9i the point from which it started.

These things are done in secret ; the victim is doomed, seized, hurried away, and coor fined, without having the power to offer a particle of proof or a moment's opportunity of aj^aling against this demsion, which X PBBFACB. But if even he should have such an opportunity — if by a miracle he should escape — how can he prove the misdemeanor ? Even old Uncle John, as he cried " Good bye, my dear boy," and waved his hand, for the last time, felt the tears tnckling fast down his cheeks. The fullness of Valentine's heart caused him for the first hour to be silent; but after that, the constant change of scene, and the pure bracing air had the effect of restoring his spirits, and he felt a very powerj^il inclination to sing. stop;" reiterated Valentine in the voice of a man pretty well out of breath. " exclaimed Tooler, whose firat impulse was to drag the dog out of the boot at all haz Ards, but who on seeing the VALENTINE VOX. Just, however, as his foot reached the plate of the roller bolt, another growl from Valen- tine frightened him backwards, when Calling upon one of the old horse- keepers, he knocked him fairly down, and rolled over him heavily. " cried the horse-keeper, gathering himself up, ^' carn't you git oof ar cooarch aroat knocking o' pipple damr ^' I-I-I beg pardon," trembling, observed the gentleman in black ; ^^ I hope I-I ." ^^ Whoap 1 pardon ! ^' Here yow Jim, kim here boi and take this era devil of a dog out o* that." Jim approached, and the growling was louder than oefore, while the gentleman in black implored Jim to take care that the animal didn't get hold of his hand. " shouted Jim, ^' 3rare noot afeared o' doogs to- gether— darng un / doont like un." Accordingly Harry came, and then Sam, and then Bob, and then Bill, but as the dog could not be seen, and as the snarling continued, neither of them dared to put his hand in to drag the monster forth. Well, as soon as I could get through the mess, to my pocket, I dropped her half-a-crown, and Harry dropped her another ; but even this didn't satisfy the nasty old frump ; she wanted them ere eggs, pitickler, it seemed, and no others would do; and she swore tliat 1 should rue the day I broke em. Tooler trembled for an instant ; but, his faith in the virtue of the horse-sboe being fixed, he soon regained his self-possession, and, giving, his head a knowing devil-mav-care twist, sat firmly in his seat, fully determined to take no heed of any thing that might threaten. Such had been the workings of Tooler's Tivid imapnation, and such was precisely his position when awakened by the arrival of the paesen- ters at the Inn.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. The design of this work although essentially humorous, is not, however, to excite peals of laughter alone : it has a far higher object in view, namely, that of removing social absurdities and abuses by means the most peculiarly attractive and pleasing.'^ This formed the prospectus of Valbntixe Vox ; and that the design has been to a considerable extent satisfactorily carried out, the popularity which the work has acquired in the course of its publication in monthly parts may be held to be some proof. During the progress of this work I have been apprehensive that my statements on this point might be deemed exaggera- tions ; it is hence that I embrace this opportunity of showing that in illustrating this terrible subject, I have neither departed from facts nor exaggerated those facts in the smallest degree. — Brings the reader back to Goodman, who boldly conceives a particular plan, the execution of which is unavoidably postponed 172 Chap. — In which Valentine visits the London docks, and most repre- hensibly induces a wicked waste of wine •« . '' If you please," said the old lady, who had been standing with her daughter in the gateway for upwards of an hour; " will you be good enow please to tid^e care of my darter ? " " Yes, Sir," replied the old lady ; " God bless her ! ^' God bless my soul 1" cried the gentleman in black, who was an exceedingly nervous village clergyman. " said Tooler, ^^ stead o' mindin their crows they are alius up to suffen. I have no desire to pe-pe- perish of hydropho-phobia.** ^* Kip yar fut on the board then sir, please," said Tooler, "well soon have the varmint out o' that." So saying he gathered up the reins, remounted the box, and started off the horses again at full gallop. *' cried Tooler ; " The cooarch is bewitched, sir ! Witchcraft was, in Tooler'^ view, again triumphant. He felt himself perfectly beaten, and, therefore, after having, with considerable difficulty, managed to get his insides out, he left his horses, coach, and luggage in the care of the persons who had fortunately witnessed the accident, and waddled with the fragments of the whip in his hand towards a road-side inn a few hundred yards distant.

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