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19-Feb-2018 08:17

What you end up fielding instead of important information is that all-too familiar ‘beep-beep-beep’ of We are trying here though, aren’t we? Does it work when you are a flight attendant or pilot? I’m telling you 100 percent, hands-down, heads-up, arms open; that it can work, but it— that ever complex relationship thing— takes time.

We are trying to live everywhere, do everything, and be available for someone to love us and be there to love them. Think how great our relationships would be is if we devoted as much attention to them as we did to our jobs?

Technically, that makes my imaginary lover and I in a long distance relationship— even when we technically live in the same town! What is long distance to a flight attendant and pilot is a much different concept than it is for the person who has a difficult time getting any more days besides Saturdays or Sundays away from the office.

Crew on the other hand— we don’t even know the word, ‘ Space happens when people are pulled in different directions at break-neck speeds.

One of the ideas about is that you can use it to find friends (or romance) while you are away.

We have thousand of members so most likely there is someone in NYC looking for a companion right now.

Relationships are under fire more than ever before— to be ruined and to ruin you. That’s fair, but whether I die an old-maid or not, I would rather believe in and express the story of good, kind, genuine, caring, authentic, brave, committed, and long-lasting love in the aviation industry. Isn’t it said, I know for myself that, when it matters, I’ll deal with distance. Communication keeps cutting out due to flight departure schedules and that damned wifi-connection.

Oh, this isn’t all of our layovers, but all of our layovers do color our world-view. And, if you keep flying, at some point, you’ll have to determine, I’ll never be a realist.

Being present isn’t just about taking up a physical space.