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that seems worthless.”” “A guy who said he was in the medical field (fine), but upon meeting him, he proceeded to tell me how he’d gotten let go due to “legal infractions” and was busy making sandwiches waiting to see if he got his “license” back. Cannot deal with liars.” “Didn’t even get to meet one man. ” I had been on the phone taking a work call that lasted about 10 minutes. It’s incredibly difficult to find a good man who understands what we do, why we’re workaholics, and still respects us after knowing that we went through massive amounts of training and education to get to the lower rungs of academia.He stalked, harassed, and then proceeded to send me no less than 19 messages one day in a row that went from “hey, how are you? Slow your roll.” I could do this for a few more rounds, but to spare you the details, I’ll summarize by saying this: Academia is isolating and filled with nerds. If you decide to date an academic know the following: © New Faculty and copyrighted, 2012-2015.Students involved in misconduct that would subject them to disciplinary action while not enrolled may be required to appear before the Dean of Students or designee before being readmitted to the university.This code is adopted pursuant to authority granted by The Texas State University System Board of Regents. Sent by mail, addressed to the addressee at the local address and/ or permanent address, as shown on university records; or 2. Sent electronically from a Texas State e-mail account to the student’s Texas State e-mail account. “Preponderance of the evidence” means the greater weight of credible evidence.I’ve done my fair share of dating and only a few have made it to what I like to call “the lightning round” or the “meet the parents” round.

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engaging in or submitting to hazing (see Student Handbook Hazing Policy including hazing associated with an initiation by an organization using dangerous, harmful or degrading acts; L.

2.02 Conduct Prohibited Specific examples of conduct which are violations of this Code of Student Conduct include, but are not limited to, committing or attempting to commit the following: A.