41 penpal friends dating of age 65 and above

12-Aug-2017 19:12

so that I could improve my personal English obviously. Hi, Can anyone recommend a website for finding Pen Pals (within and/or outside of the UK), to suit primary aged children?If there is any parent out there who has children who would be interested in writing to one or both of my children, please let me know.Thanks Hi everyone I've just joined up to netmums as my daughter really wants a penpal thought this might be the best place to look.

anyone with similar let me know thanks i also have a 12 yr old i am looking for a penpal for.I remember our primary school doing this when we were in year 6 equivalent.I can't believe there are websites wanting you to pay for the privilege. If the teacher doesn't have much to say go to the Head.She will be 10 in December Anyone with a daughter simil Ar age & interests who would like a penpal? Hello, Penpals must be the topic of conversations at the moment, based in the last few posts this month!

41 penpal friends dating of age 65 and above-62

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My two girls (aged 5 and 7) have asked for penpals so that they can write to similar aged children.Internet marketing filipina 34yrs-old single mom seperated..